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    Do you own a house in San Antonio, Texas that you’d like to sell to a willing buyer? Don’t just put it up for sale with no advance preparations. Some touch-ups can play an influential role in making a great impression on prospective fast house buyers. The following are some of the things that you ought to do before offering the house for sale.

    To-Do List Before Selling Your Home

    • Thorough cleaning

    Get rid of dust that may have settled on the fan blades or fireplace mantle. Don’t leave the faucets and appliances unpolished. Additionally, all the windows should be thoroughly cleaned. You can hire a cleaning agency that will ensure the house remains clean, especially if you have moved out of the property already or have no time to do the cleaning.

    • Use vignettes to make the house appear lived in. Help potential buyers envision themselves living in the house by bringing in vignettes that demonstrate how people can enjoy life inside the property.

    • Get rid of unpleasant smells

    Don’t cook bacon in the house if you know that potential buyers will visit the following day. Even though the bacon will taste great, the resultant smell will linger inside the property for several hours, and that will make it smell like a restaurant that sells fast food. Eliminate any foul smell that may be lingering inside the house. No buyer in his/her right mind would want to encounter unpleasant smells. This is an important measure that shouldn’t miss on your to-do list before selling a house in Texas.

    • Make something delicious

    Realtors do not just offer delicious snacks at exhibitions with the sole objective of treating buyers. Think like a professional Realtor. If you prepare something yummy, the meal and sweet aroma can make buyers imagine themselves in the kitchen preparing breakfast or lunch for family members or guests. As a result, they’ll be motivated to buy your house quickly.



    • Clear the clutter

    Potential buyers should concentrate on how spacious the house is, rather than how messy it appears. Clear out the shoes piled up at the entry point, the mail stacked up on the kitchen table as well as anything else that may distract buyers’ attention from the home’s exceptional features.

    • Maintain the flow

    No one wants to bump into furniture while touring a house that is up for sale. It can make the space appear cramped and disrupt the buyer’s attention as well. Conduct a dry run as if it’s your first time to visit the house and adjust anything that disrupts the flow.

    • Repaint all walls with neutral colors

    The dramatic red color on your dining room walls may be hideous to some potential buyers, irrespective of how attractive you think the color is. For that reason, you ought to repaint all rooms with neutral tones such as whites and tans. The two colors will enable prospective buyers to give attention to the spaces, rather than focus on the dramatic colors of your walls.

    • Make changes to the living room

    Help potential homebuyers envision themselves spending time with guests and family members in the living room by specially arranging the furniture in ways that inspire conversations.

    • Keep decorations simple

    Remove any decoration or art that might be a turn off to people whose tastes and preferences are different from yours. It will enable buyers to picture themselves in that house. There’ll be absolutely no problem if you, for instance, leave the classic landscape painting inside the empty house. However, it won’t be such a good idea to leave behind that leather couch that consists of prominent zebra print.

    • Make all the rooms useful

    The spare room that you converted into a home office, an extra bedroom for your maid or guest room will only make your house appear more attractive to prospective buyers if you demonstrate how they can make also make good use of it and all the other rooms as well.

    • Dispose of personal items

    A potential home buyer in San Antonio would want to envisage himself/ herself living in your home. Therefore, you should get rid of your children’s artwork, family photos, or any other personal effects.

    • Carry out an ersatz renovation

    Little twists can make a significant difference in the general feel of your room. If the kitchen is a bit outdated, consider replacing the fixtures and fittings. If the furniture in the living room appears worn out, buy some attractive covers.

    • Lighten up the house

    A bright and cheery room appears not only bigger but also more inviting. For this reason, all the windows should be opened up to let in as much natural light as possible. Use electric lamps in areas where natural light can’t reach.

    • Embark upon the honey-do-list

    There are certain little things that you may have been planning to do, but you failed to attend to them because of one reason or another. Potential buyers will notice those little things, and they can make your house appear less valuable than it actually is. It’s therefore important to tighten loose doorknobs, replace broken window panes, and fix leaky faucets as well.

    • Bring nature inside

    Are you aware that pretty buds planted in a vase and a few potted plants can bring life into a house, make potential home buyers focus on certain features and also fill up empty corners? Just ensure that the plants aren’t carrying any insects and are in perfect health.

    • Dispose of bulky furniture

    Ideally, the number, type, and size of the furniture should be proportionate to the room size. Therefore, eliminate extra tables or over-sized furniture that could decrease the room size.

    • Organize your closets

    One of the greatest selling points is the amount of storage space. If you have completely stuffed your closets and left little or no space, prospective buyers may get the impression that your house has inadequate storage space. There are solutions that can enable you to properly organize your space. Dividers and boxes are perfect examples, so you should consider investing in them. If there are extra items that you don’t require immediately, you can find a place away from the house where they can be safely stored.

    The above are measures that you can take before putting your house up for sale. Remember that there will definitely be other houses that will also be up for sale at the same time. Convince prospective buyers to choose your property rather than spend their money on other houses offered by competitors.

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