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"Hello Ohio, welcome to our page! My name is James, owner and founder of DoneDealBuyers. As a licensed broker for over a decade now, I've seen how ever-changing the real estate market has been. Buying and selling homes can be very intimidating. Before venturing into this business myself, my wife and I were homeowners who took a chance. investing on properties in our home state Texas. Before long, we have networked with a team of specialists and officially established our company in 2011. Today, with a BBB accreditation and a wider reach, we aim to continue thriving in our journey ahead, helping families all over U.S. close on their homes in the most practical, transparent and efficient way possible. Call our number today and let's get started on your next big move.

Why Sell Your Home To Us?

Here are just a few reasons why homeowners in Ohio decide to accept our offer over our competitors

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Cash Reserve Used For Payment

When we buy property in Ohio, our aim is to provide a financing that would not drag out the closing process. With our private money, we can pay you in full in no time!

No Housing Discrimination

Part of our stipulation is your right to keep housing conditions as-is. We won't require any renovation no matter how small or big repair flaws are.

A $2,000 Cash Advance Option

It would be our pleasure to be of greater assistance to our home sellers. Upon clear title search, we may offer you a maximum cash advance of two thousand.

Free of Realtor Fee

Under no circumstance would we ask you to pay any fees that are usually built in traditional purchase sales. Our payment is your net.

So How Do We Buy Houses Fast in Ohio?

  1. We can pay straight away!
    Seriously, unlike traditional loans, you won’t have to wait for bank approvals that may take up to over a month and then get paid in full for another two to three. We can avoid any financing contingencies through payment in cash.
  2. We demand no changes to your property.
    Most homeowners looking to sell for cash are pragmatic when it comes to saving resources. Well, the good news is this alone helps you save time, money and a great deal of work. Without any home upgrade, you’re as good to go!
  3. We boasts a well-trained staff.
    In order to survive a competitive market, you must be backed by a team who are both diligent and up-to-date with the real estate trends. Our team can offer you just that! Under no circumstance will sale fall through, because 2-3 weeks for closing is what we can guarantee you!


How To Sell Your Home To Us

selling to Cyber Homes is super easy

Call Us or Fill Out Form

We're here to help you, but we'll need you to take a leap of faith and call us or submit our online form for an offer.

Let Us See Your Home

We'll schedule a time that's conveinient for you, so that we can see your home and assess the repairs or upgrades needed

We'll Agree On Price & Close

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Wait Months To Sell

You could list your home on the MLS with a Ohio REALTOR , but there's no gurantee that you'll have your home sold in a certain period of time or for a certain amount of money


Get A Cash Offer Today From Us


We won't gurantee that we'll be the highest offer, BUT, we will work hard to close on your time frame and help you with moving expenses if needed.

What Our Clients Have To Say


Yvette Herrera

"James, you were an angel.  You helped me more than you know.  Thank you for doing everything you said you'd do for us."


David Harris

"James make the selling process quick and easy, and they did everything they said they would do"


Patricia Blackstone

"Thank you for buying the house the way I left it.  I appreciate everything you did for us."


Why We Buy Property in Ohio

  • Low Unemployment Rates.
    Considering the steady growth of its population, Ohio has a solid job market. With a slow decline of its unemployment stats, from 10.8% back in 2009 to now only 4.7%, there there are job prospects especially for in-demand medical professions in the area.

  • Affordable Housing Market
    According to an article published by Trusted Choice, investment property in the state is well and booming. Both median priced home purchases as well as rental-owned ones are priced at fair market value. What more is that over six percent appreciation was noted in the past year alone.

  • Friendly Communities
    Dubbed as the Buckeye State following its popular “buckeye” candy staple, the neighborhoods are  all warm and friendly. It makes it easy to fit in and adjust to their environment when you’ve just relocated. No wonder young families are drawn to here to raise their kids and stay for the long term.

  • Good Location
    Close to major cities like NY and CH, the city enjoys the perks of its strategic location. It’s not as crowded as others, but its vibrant cities combined with good-natured locals make up for a great overall impression of the state.

  • Seriously, Ohio is a great place to invest in real estate right now.

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If you were to request an offer right this second, this time tomorrow, we could be opening escrow on the sale of your home or you could wait weeks or months and just sell your home with a local agent.

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