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    Basically, the price is the main factor that determines whether your house will sell or not, however, “Wow” factors make it possible for you to sell your California house at the best price or at full price. Whether you are a homeowner or an investor in real estate seeking to sell your house at full price and fast, these tips will guarantee and be of benefit to you. To beat your competitors and amaze or wow your buyers, these are the three factors you need to consider and need to do hence you will be guaranteed to sell your house within no time and at a full price.

    The most important aspect that can guarantee a quick sale is the bathroom. This means that in order to sell fast, you have to put more effort and extra time in bathrooms. Generally, a house would comprise of simply a roof and four walls, however, a bathroom requires special treatment and serves a great purpose. This piece mainly focuses on the bathroom and how if enhanced can guarantee you quick sale. Ample space The most important reason for ensuring and creating ample space is to ensure that you have an open entrance as much as possible to your shower. It is a wise decision to remove anything that hinders or limits space in the entrance such as storage which could be above it. This helps to create more space and makes your bathroom appear more open.

    Removing any storage underneath or above the toilet also makes the bathroom look bigger. Storage of towels in the bathroom could also make it look smaller and hence if you have a closet that is outside the bathroom, it would be nice storing towels and other products used in the bathroom there. Need for an update for you to sell your home at a maximum profit or value, there is the need for an update. Original materials in your house can give it a perfect condition but be sure that other houses with modern interiors will sell fast and at a higher price as compared to yours. The two rooms that require regular update is the kitchen and the bathroom. An update can either be through tiling, painting, vanity as well as other house details.



    If your floors are laminate and still maintains a good shape, it would be a great idea to use tile to replace them. Basically, when a customer comes into your house the first thing they will look at in your bathroom is the floors. It is therefore important to match your bathroom paint with your tiles as well as the vanity. This is among the best “wow” factors that entice your prospects to buy your home.



    After ensuring that the bathroom has ample space, there is a need for an update. This update entails getting the walls re-painted or re-done. It is also

    important to do away or get rid of walls that are textured. An off-white or nice white paint helps to brighten bathroom walls and also ensure that the updated features such as vanities and tiling can be recognized and showed off.


    When selecting the vanity of your bathroom, it is important to consider the bathroom that you want to go into. This means that for the guest bathroom, the vanity should be larger as compared to that of the master bathroom. This is mainly because guests may need this place to put their belongings. For the master bathroom, the owner may not require a large vanity since cabinets and drawers can be used to put everything else.
    Where there is adequate space, it is a good idea to integrate a vanity that has two sinks, especially for the master bathroom. This factor ensures that you have a great point to sell your California house. The vanity you choose should also have plenty of storage which does not limit bathroom traffic. After creating space and eliminating extra storage, having a vanity in your bathroom that has ample space is a requirement. Mostly, buyers will come looking for a house that provides the feel and looks that make them feel that they are moving to the house as a whole. It is, therefore, your role to ensure that this is provided.

    Extra details

    Selling your California house at a full value also requires you to take the extra mile. Both master and guest bathrooms require a shower/tub area which should have a nice tile surround. This ensures that the shower has a look that is clean and polished. Additionally, tile surrounds tend to be easy to clean and don’t stain. Ensuring that your bathroom has a tile surround ensures that buyers see something that serves their purposes and gives them something great. Furthermore, for the bathroom to look great, showerheads, cabinet hinges, doorknobs, and faucets should be replaced and modern ones fitted. It is these small aspects and details that will tend to “wow” the buyers and hence motivating them to purchase your house and at a higher value. The use of brushed nickel in the bathroom is also a great finish that will help your bathroom look great and the entire house as well. Proper lighting If you want your house to sell at full value, lighting is a factor that you will need to consider. This will not only apply to the bathroom and the kitchen but also in every room of your house. For the vanity light, consider the one which when you are looking it the mirror, a shadow of you won’t appear. The design chosen should not compromise the design of your house or the bathroom itself and should be of perfect height. Natural light is a necessity in any house, therefore, if your bathroom lacks a window, it is important for you to have one installed. The natural light brightens the bathroom and ensures a good room atmosphere. It is argued that “Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses” and hence ensuring adequate lighting is a “wow” factor that can guarantee you a quick sale of your house.

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