About Us

We're not like most home buyers, we strive for excellence in every purchase.

San Antonio, Texas, USA cityscape at the River Walk.

Our Team

The team over at Cyber Homes is a small team consisting of just a few people.  But, because we strive for excellence in everything we do, we are able to take on multiple projects at once and follow through on almost all of our purchases.

If we can't help a homeowner, we do our best to connect them with another professional in our network that can help them with a soloution to solve their problem quickly.

Our Story

To sum it up quickly, we started out as small, very small.  For several years this company was run by just one person.  Then James hired an assistant, then an all-start aquisitions manager that runs circles around most people.  We thank the Lord for providing for our families through this business and for his saving grace in our lives.