What Is The Cost To Remodel Bathroom?

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    Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? If so, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. In this blog post, we will discuss the average cost of remodeling a bathroom, as well as some of the factors that can affect the price. We will also provide tips on how to keep your costs down!

    How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

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    A bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from $5,000-$20,000. There are several factors that can contribute to the cost of a bathroom remodel. It’s possible that more elaborate bathroom renovations may cost more than $20,000.

    It’s also more than possible to complete a bathroom remodel for under $5,000. Understanding which factors contribute to the cost of a bathroom remodel can help homeowners make sure that they stay within budget.

    Factors That Determine The Cost Of A Bathroom Remodel

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    The wide range in price can easily make most homeowners wonder how much their personal bathroom remodel is going to cost. By taking the time to consider every factor that is going to go into your bathroom renovation, you can estimate how much your completed project is going to cost you.


    Where you live plays a critical role in the cost of a bathroom renovation due to the cost of living. For example, a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles is going to cost significantly more than a bathroom remodel in a city with a lower cost of living.

    Bathroom Size

    A small bathroom will usually cost less to remodel than a large one. The cost of labor will also affect the final price per square footage. When all of the factors are considered, the average cost of a bathroom remodel is about $100 per square foot.

    However, it’s important to note that this is a general number. Smaller bathrooms that do not include a shower or bathtub will cost significantly less to remodel than larger bathrooms with more fixtures. The highest cost for an average bathroom remodel is going to be a master bathroom remodel.

    Fixtures That Need Replacing

    A large portion of a bathroom remodel cost is going to be the large items that need to be replaced. For example, a new toilet, tub, and/or vanity. Light fixtures are often replaced to coordinate with the rest of the bathroom. Plumbing fixtures that need to be replaced usually do not cost as much, but the labor required to replace them can be a significant cost.

    It’s also important to consider the average cost range for replacing fixtures depends on what they are being replaced with. A double vanity is going to have a much higher price tag than a basic sink. Custom cabinetry will cost more than pre-made cabinets. Take this into consideration when determining a budget for the project.

    Materials Used

    Which materials are used can also play a significant role in how much a bathroom remodel costs. For example, ceramic tile is more expensive than simple plank flooring. Labor costs for laying tile are higher than labor for other types of flooring.

    Plumbing Costs

    Plumbing costs can add up quickly, instantly increasing the cost of a bathroom remodel. Moving a bathtub or toilet across the bathroom can cost a few thousand dollars. The more elaborate the job, the higher the plumbing costs will be.

    Cost To Remodel Bathroom DIY

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    Labor contributes a significant portion to the cost of a bathroom remodel. Once a homeowner eliminates the cost of labor for a bathroom remodel, they can eliminate at least 20% of the overall cost.

    Unexpected Costs

    Homeowners that are planning on remodeling their bathroom are encouraged to set aside more money than they think is necessary in case unexpected costs arise. For example, a homeowner might think that they need to pay for plumbing costs only to discover that a leaky pipe has resulted in mold growth. Unexpected costs like this often arise during large renovation projects, so it’s important for homeowners to plan accordingly.

    Is A Bathroom Remodel Worth It?

    Some bathroom remodels are worth it. This is especially true if the bathroom is dingy and outdated. Modern bathrooms help a home sell and can increase the value of the home.

    However, it’s important to consider whether the bathroom needs a remodel. If homeowners already have a modern bathroom, but would simply like to change things up, it more than likely won’t add much value to the home when compared with the bathroom that is already in the house.

    How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Increase Home Value

    Bathroom remodels typically add at least 50% of their cost to the value of a home. So, if a bathroom remodeling project costs $50,000, it will add $25,000 to the value of the home. Some estimates claim that this number is higher at 67%.

    However, it’s important to note that this often depends on who is determining the value of the home. A real estate agent or company will take the bathroom renovation into consideration.

    Most iBuyers like Opendoor consider the size of the home and estimated market value. Selling a home fast through one of these companies will likely result in homeowners losing more money on renovation projects that they have completed.

    Bathroom Renovation Ideas

    bathroom renovation ideas

    It’s important to decide what you want the outcome to be before starting a remodel. This can help homeowners ensure that the bathroom has a nice flow, and it can help them know how much the final cost of a bathroom remodel will be.

    Shower Renovation Ideas

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    Shower renovations are popular when completing a bathroom remodel. Installing ceramic tiles provides a classic look that most homeowners will love. For a modern look, consider a stand-alone shower with sliding glass doors. Renovation time is the perfect time to finally ditch that outdated shower curtain.

    Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

    While some bathroom remodels are going to be expensive, there are some great ways that homeowners can give their bathroom an updated look without breaking the bank. Some cheap bathroom remodel ideas are:

    • Painting
    • Give the tub a new coat instead of replacing it
    • Update light fixtures
    • Invest in new cabinet handles and knobs
    • Paint the ceiling
    • Replace old caulk
    • Install new trim
    • Only replace fixtures that do not work properly

    Implementing all of these strategies will give your bathroom a new look without the high cost. Most of these can be accomplished in a weekend, and do not require professional assistance.

    Avoid Hiring Outside Help

    Hiring a professional designer means that homeowners will pay design fees. Professionals who design a custom bathroom vanity will charge a much higher price than simply purchasing a vanity at a home improvement store. Instead, do as many things in the bathroom as you can yourself to help keep costs low.

    Easy Bathroom Flooring

    Ceramic tile is beautiful, but it can be costly and laborious to install. Instead, opt for a modern flooring option that looks beautiful. Vinyl and laminate are easy to install, and new patterns make them look modern instead of old and outdated. Modern peel and stick tiles are designed to resemble genuine wood flooring and are easy for someone interested in a DIY bathroom remodel.

    Do A Quick Bathroom Remodel

    A quick bathroom remodel is a cost-efficient way to give a bathroom a new look without spending an extensive amount of time or money. Instead of taking square foot into consideration, you’ll want to consider making changes that make a big impact.

    New Paint

    A fresh coat of paint will instantly make master bathrooms look brand new again. (Make sure to consider the square foot of each wall so that you have enough paint.) Consider doing this yourself to eliminate labor costs.

    Find Fixtures In Your Price Range

    Before purchasing anything, take a good look at bathroom fixtures to determine which ones need to be replaced. Then, decide on a budget. Finally, go shopping. High-end fixtures look nice but are not necessary. Things like custom cabinetry and custom vanities don’t add much value to a home and are not necessary.

    Instead, pick fixtures that are already made and can be installed quickly.

    Change Cabinet Handles And Knobs

    This is a quick project that will only take a couple of hours, depending on how many cabinets are in the bathroom. New hardware can instantly give cabinets an updated look.

    Paint Bathroom Cabinets

    Instead of installing custom cabinetry, or paying the cost of new cabinets, cut back on costs by painting cabinets. They make specialized cabinet paint that is less likely to streak to make cabinets look brand new again.

    Selling Your Home Without A High-End Bathroom Remodel

    Before completing a high-end bathroom remodel, it’s important to decide whether you are planning on selling the home soon. Then, determine how you would like to sell your home. This can help you decide whether a bathroom remodel is worth it. For most homeowners that are selling their homes, it’s not worth it.

    Homeowners Do Not Recoup The Average Bathroom Remodel Cost

    The highest number listed online that homeowners make off of a high-end bathroom remodel is 67% of the cost. It means that homeowners will instantly lose money on a high-end bathroom remodel, making it a pointless project if homeowners would like to increase the value of their homes.

    Perform A Quick Bathroom Remodel Instead

    The average bathroom remodel cost is thousands of dollars. Homeowners can complete a quick remodel with peel and stick panels, a coat of paint, and fresh caulk for a couple of hundred dollars. This will help the home sell quicker when working with a real estate agent, and homeowners won’t lose a lot of money.

    DIY’ers can reduce this cost to under a hundred dollars because they won’t have to pay the highest of the bathroom remodeling costs: labor. Painting is easy for beginners, and caulking around a bathtub requires minimal tools and little experience.

    Focus On Home Improvements That Offer A High ROI

    Homeowners that are working with a local real estate agent can make significant improvements to their home, and recoup most or all of the costs. Some great home improvements that offer a high ROI when selling a home include:

    • Solar panels
    • Updated appliances
    • Energy-efficient window
    • Energy-efficient furnace
    • A brand new hot water heater
    • Insulation
    • Landscaping projects
    • Outdoor amenities, such as an outdoor patio, kitchen, pool, or pond
    • Window treatments
    • Minor bathroom remodel projects
    • Minor kitchen remodels
    • Waterproofing the basement
    • Transforming the attic into a bedroom

    These remodeling projects offer homeowners the highest return on investment, making them a great idea for anyone that plans on selling a home in the near future.


    How long does a bathroom remodel take?

    Minor bathroom remodels that do not require flooring and fixtures can be completed on a weekend. However, larger bathroom remodels that require plumbing, etc. can take as long as 1-2 weeks.

    What is a bathroom refit?

    A complete bathroom refit involves removing everything from the bathroom and then re-doing the entire bathroom. This includes the bathroom fixtures, such as the tub and toilet, bathroom flooring, and can include light fixtures. This project is the most expensive type of bathroom remodel.

    Is a bathroom remodel tax deductible?

    Generally, the cost of home improvements to simply update a home are not tax-deductible. However, energy-efficient improvements, such as solar panels, might be. Bathroom remodels that are necessary due to medical conditions may be tax-deductible.

    In Conclusion

    A bathroom remodel is commonly encouraged to help a home sell, but these remodeling projects don’t offer a high enough ROI to make it worth it for homeowners that want to make more money off of their homes. Check out the rest of our blogs for more tips on home improvements.

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