Cash Home Buyers in
San Francisco CA

Got a home that's located in or near the San Francisco, CA metro area?

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    we buy houses for cash in San Francisco, CA

    The Cyber Homes Family

    Hi I'm James, I buy houses from San Francisco homeowners who are looking to get a fair cash offer.

    "Hello San Francisco, Are you looking for a reliable and trusted homebuyer in San Francisco? I am a real estate investor and I buy and sell houses since 2011. With over 9 years of experience, my wife and I aim to help homeowners like you get out of the situation that you're in. My team consists of well-trained individuals who are willing to lend an ear and listen to the issues that you are dealing with. Furthermore, we are BBB accredited, making sure that we provide the best customer service that we could ever offer. This will all start with a phone call. If you think that now is the right time to sell, we're on board! Contact us today, and we'll get you a fast cash offer within the day!

    Why We're The Best Cash Home Buyers In San Francisco

    1. We make the experience hassle-free.
      As premier house buyers in San Francisco, we want to make you feel that we’re with you every step of the way. Just remember that we pay in cash or private funds, no need for you to pay for closing costs, we’ll take care of that, and most of all, we always work on your timeline.
    2. We move fast and easy.
      Save thousands of dollars from making repairs and realtor fees. We can guarantee that we’ll take care of the transaction from the beginning towards the end. All you need to do by then is to focus on the more important stuff which is moving and starting anew.
    3. We are reliable and experts in buying homes
      Not all investors work the same. When we decide to buy your home, we never back out of contracts. We won’t tell you that we’re gonna back out at the last minute, just like anyone else. We stick to our word. If you need to work on getting a fair cash offer for your house, start by calling us today, we’ll get you a fair cash offer in just an hour!

    cash for houses in San Francisco, California

    Why Sell Your Home To Us?

    Here are just a few reasons why homeowners in San Francisco decide to accept our offer over our competitors

    Cash Home Buyers in San Francisco, CA

    Pay Absolutely No Commissions Or Realtor Fees.

    We guarantee that you will never have to make any of those junk fees. Save thousands of dollars by not going through a realtor to pay 6 percent of commissions! We'll never ask you for any of those unnecessary payments.

    We Buy Houses With Our Own Cash Or By Using Private Money

    This means that you never have to wait for months to just get your money after contract signing. When we commit to buy your house in San Francisco, we'll make sure that we use cash or private money which will surely speed up the process and close in just a couple of weeks!

    No Need For Repairs.

    Feeling overwhelmed with all the repairs that are needed on your house? Please, stop worrying! You can sell your home to us in it's current state. No need for you to make even the simplest repairs. We'll handle it from there!

    Cash Advance Is Always A Possibility

    Moving costs, debts, other personal payments, we got you. For so long as we have a singed contract and proof that the title is clear already, then we might offer a $2,000 cash advance while we're waiting to close!

    How To Sell Your Home To Us

    selling to Cyber Homes is super easy

    Call Us or Fill Out Form

    We're here to help you, but we'll need you to take a leap of faith and call us or submit our online form for an offer.

    Let Us See Your Home

    We'll schedule a time that's conveinient for you, so that we can see your home and assess the repairs or upgrades needed

    We'll Agree On Price & Close

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    Your Local Cash Home Buyers in San Francisco, CA Company

    1. Outer Mission
    2. Crocker Amazon
    3. Excelsior
    4. Noe Valley
    5. Pacific Heights
    6. Ocean View
    7. Outer Sunset
    8. North Beach
    9. Inner Richmond
    10. Outer Richmond
    11. Inner Sunset
    12. Castro-Upper Market
    13. Nob Hill
    14. Glen Park
    15. Mission
    16. Haight-Ashbury
    17. Diamond Heights
    18. Downtown
    19. Lakeshore
    20. Chinatown
    21. Bernal Heights
    22. Bayview
    23. Financial District
    24. Marina

    OPTION 1

    Wait Months To Sell

    You could list your home on the MLS with a San Francisco REALTOR , but there's no gurantee that you'll have your home sold in a certain period of time or for a certain amount of money

    OPTION 2

    Get A Cash Offer Today From Us

    Your cash home buyers in San Francisco - CyberHomes

    We won't gurantee that we'll be the highest offer, BUT, we will work hard to close on your time frame and help you with moving expenses if needed.

    What Our Clients Have To Say

    need to sell a home fast in San Francisco CA

    Yvette Herrera

    "James, you were an angel.  You helped me more than you know.  Thank you for doing everything you said you'd do for us."

    Our company buys houses for cash in San Francisco CA

    David Harris

    "James make the selling process quick and easy, and they did everything they said they would do"

    Sold their San Francisco CA home fast

    Patricia Blackstone

    "Thank you for buying the house the way I left it.  I appreciate everything you did for us."

    Start your offer Now

    If you were to request an offer right this second, this time tomorrow, we could be opening escrow on the sale of your home or you could wait weeks or months and just sell your home with a local agent.

    Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

    Why We Buy Property in San Francisco, CA

    • Easy to Find Affordable Homes
      There are actually a lot of options out there. You just have to learn how to find the best places to live in. It’s not that hard to get a home near a place you want to hang out, you just need to know how to find it.
    • Breathtaking View
      If you were somewhere else, you’ll need to go far away just to have a glimpse of the scenery. Not in San Francisco. Here, you can easily see awesome creations just by going outside. Definitely a plus for me!
    • Coffee!
      Almost everyone loves coffee but the coffee here in San Francisco is something you wouldn’t want to miss! You might just want to taste it to believe it!
    • Awesome Events! If you’ve also been looking for cash home buyers in San Francisco that will make you an offer on your home, you’ve hit the gold mine…call us today for a fair offer.
      Gigs and shows are just part of the thrill. You’ll be thankful to be witness this culture when you decide to move to San Francisco. It just goes on and on!
    • Dog-Friendly!
      As soon as you step outside of your house, you’ll see dogs everywhere. If you are a dog lover, you’ll be amazed to see how pet-friendly this city is!

    Seriously, San Francisco is a great place to invest in real estate right now.

    Looking for Cash Home Buyers Near San Francisco, CA?

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