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Got a home that's located in or near the Spokane, WA metro area?

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    we buy houses for cash in Spokane, WA

    The Cyber Homes Family


    "Hello Spokane, my name is James. I've been looking forward to explore The Lilac City's housing market for a while now. But first, let me formally introduce myself and our company. In 2011, I started DoneDealBuyers with my wife as a two-man team in our home state Texas. Together, we ventured into the real estate practice by purchasing small but promising properties with great appreciation value in the future. Before long, we were able to recruit a team of specialists to help us operate our growing market as we now tap on all cities and states in the U.S. Our core is to walk you through the process without any hassle whilst achieving optimal results in your sale. As a BBB accredited company, we take pride in closing on homes within a matter of weeks bearing in mind customer satisfaction. For further information, please call us on our hotline number or sign our online form below. We can help you feel at ease with a sale approach that is a breeze.

    Why Choose Us To Sell Your House Fast?

    1. No Housing Repair Concerns
      Refurbishing a home prior to the sale may prove a nightmare! With so much pressure to revamp a space in order to appear in its best form and hopefully attract the perfect buyer, one may still end up spending more even before closing in on a deal. With us, you can forget to fix up your property, and just sell your Spokane house in whatever condition.
    2. No Long Bank Approval Processing
      Did you know that in traditional purchase agreements, a seller would have to wait about 3 to 4 months to get fully paid? Well if you’re pressed with either financial obligations or plans for relocation, we can help you get going through our cash in a flash approach. You can get your money as soon as we have a done deal.
    3. No Risks of Sale Falling Through
      Again, let me reiterate this. We want to buy your property with a little nuisance in the processing. Because we jump through hoops and cut red tape for you, there is no room for fear of a cash home buyer backing out on a contract. Rest assured. We got you covered from start to end.

    cash for houses in Spokane, Washington

    Why Sell Your Home To Us?

    Here are just a few reasons why homeowners in Spokane decide to accept our offer over our competitors

    Sell My House Fast in Spokane, WA

    We Don't Ask For A Commission.

    Commissions, although necessary in conventional sale, can come off a bit sneaky. But the nature of our contract requires no hidden or junk fees or realtor charges that often surface at the end. We are very transparent with our monetary agreements.

    We Offer A Cash Advance Option.

    Without any legal encumbrances , liens and levies connected to third parties, your sale may just qualify you to apply for a $2,000 cash advance. Make sure title is clear so we can further discuss this matter to you.

    We Don't Require A Renovation.

    As stipulated in our would-be contract, we do not oblige our clients to expend cash on house renovations throughout the entire duration of the sale.

    We Only Do Cash Transaction.

    Do you need a cash on hand? That is what we intend to fulfill in our business deal. With a no-obligation offer, we will simply for decision to be made from your end prior to payment.

    How To Sell Your Home To Us

    selling to Cyber Homes is super easy

    Call Us or Fill Out Form

    We're here to help you, but we'll need you to take a leap of faith and call us or submit our online form for an offer.

    Let Us See Your Home

    We'll schedule a time that's conveinient for you, so that we can see your home and assess the repairs or upgrades needed

    We'll Agree On Price & Close

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    Your Local Sell My House Fast in Spokane, WA Company

    1. Latah Valley
    2. Peaceful Valley
    3. Minnehaha
    4. Comstock
    5. West Hills
    6. Nevadalidgerwood
    7. Northwest

    OPTION 1

    Wait Months To Sell

    You could list your home on the MLS with a Spokane REALTOR , but there's no gurantee that you'll have your home sold in a certain period of time or for a certain amount of money

    OPTION 2

    Get A Cash Offer Today From Us

    Your cash home buyers in Spokane - CyberHomes

    We won't gurantee that we'll be the highest offer, BUT, we will work hard to close on your time frame and help you with moving expenses if needed.

    What Our Clients Have To Say

    need to sell a home fast in Spokane WA

    Yvette Herrera

    "James, you were an angel.  You helped me more than you know.  Thank you for doing everything you said you'd do for us."

    Our company buys houses for cash in Spokane WA

    David Harris

    "James make the selling process quick and easy, and they did everything they said they would do"

    Sold their Spokane WA home fast

    Patricia Blackstone

    "Thank you for buying the house the way I left it.  I appreciate everything you did for us."

    Start your offer Now

    If you were to request an offer right this second, this time tomorrow, we could be opening escrow on the sale of your home or you could wait weeks or months and just sell your home with a local agent.


    Why We Buy Property in Spokane, WA

    • Fairly Priced Commodities
      Spokane is a go-to destination for people looking to relocate to a big city that isn’t as expensive as others. In particular, transportation, food, and utility expenses are lower, not to mention tax incentives are a handsome plus for many investors here. Do you wish to sell your home fast in Spokane? Sign our form below and submit it to us, so we can get started on the processing.
    • A Good Place To Retire In The Future
      According to a website that measures a city’s livability, Spokane bagged the #7 spot for a top choice among U.S. cities that appeal to the retiree group.
    • A Blend of Urban And Natural Landscapes
      Spokane’s River cuts through the downtown area of the city. And while it’s an additional distinct feature that is appealing, there are also seven natural parks close by that is a day’s worth of drive. Explore mountain peaks, their exciting wildlife, waterfalls, and the likes.
    • Facilities for Higher Education
      The city has a university belt called University District that hosts a series of colleges, universities, and medical schools that attract plenty of people who are aiming to finish their studies in a prominent university. On record, 15,000 students gather per academic year in this district alone.

    Seriously, Spokane is a great place to invest in real estate right now.

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