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    The Converse, TX real estate market

    The real estate market is not the easiest for homeowners looking to sell. Unfortunately, even well off areas like Converse, TX is not spared the challenges of a static market. More often than not, it takes months to get a good enough deal to settle for. Some homeowners even end up settling on prices way below the home’s value just to get it over with and move on with their lives. We want to help you avoid such a scenario by ensuring that you get the best deal possible in the shortest time. We buy houses fast and direct in Converse, TX.

    Having trouble selling your house?

    As if the current market situation wasn’t already bad enough, there always seems to be some forces working against homeowners trying to sell. It could be that you are working with a high priced real estate agent. Or it could be that doorknob which after years of great service decided to start wobbling on the day of your open house. Or even a potential buyer who put in a somewhat decent offer but backed out at the very last minute. Call it bad luck, Murphy’s Law, or whatever else. The bottom line is that it is always a tough time. However, direct sales of these and other horror stories like these are things that you never have to deal with. We buy homes fast in Converse, TX without any brokers or agents, and without all the hustle that comes with taking the traditional route.

    What makes our offers so great?

    There are many reasons why you should seriously consider working with our business when selling your house. The many benefits range from convenience to speedy transactions. However, nothing can quite compare to what is in store for you in terms of our great offers. Here is why.

    – All cash
    This is probably one of the best things about our transactions. What it means is that you don’t have to worry about things like bounced checks or anything like that. It also comes in handy for homeowners in desperate need of fast cash. It could be a major emergency or a debt you need to pay off. Whatever the case, our cash-only policy will come in very handy.

    – No red tape
    Another reason why our offers are so great is the fact that they are not drowning in bureaucracy and fine print-laden contracts. The only document you need to think about is the property deed.

    – No hidden costs or commissions
    The offer we make is what we believe to be the value of your home. You don’t have to worry about us having deducted hidden fees from the final figure. You also do not have to worry about commissions as the entire purpose of the system is to eliminate commission-based middlemen.

    – All in 24 hours
    Finally, our cash offers are awesome in that they are always made within 24 hours of your application as the homeowner. And if you wish to agree immediately you get the load taken off your shoulders in very little time.

    Our 4-Step System

    Now that you understand the cash benefits of our system to you as the seller, the next step is to understand exactly how to go about the process of selling the house. That way, should you be interested in a direct sale you know exactly what to do and expect.

    • STEP 1- You tell us about the house
    We first need to get an understanding of what we are working with before we make our offer. This means that you as the homeowner will have to do a great job describing the house in your application. Further guidelines are provided on the official website.

    • STEP 2- We make our offer
    Once we get a feel of the house, research factoring in things like location and community to come up with a value estimate. We also consider the condition the house is in more so whether there are repairs to be done. Once all this is completed, we will contact you with our offer. As stated above, this step takes a mere 24 hours which means you do not have to wait long at all.

    • STEP 3- You consider and decide
    From this point forward the ball is fully on your court. You get to decide whether or not you like the offer and whether you are willing to settle for it.

    • STEP 4- Deal or no deal?
    This is where you get to give your final verdict. If you accept the offer then you can get the transaction completed as fast as you want to. Our business makes some really great offers and rejections are not very many. However, it is your house and you are free to turn the company down if you wish.

    What makes Converse special to us?

    Converse, TX is one of those towns that you just cannot help but love. It is nice and quiet with just enough buzz and liveliness to keep residents and visitors having fun. There is so much to do there from family trips to the many parks around to nights out at the movies and comedy clubs. This and everything else the area has to offer significantly drives up the value of the house you want to sell. It is, at the very least, one of the key factors we consider when determining the best offer to make at your house. We are just as pumped about the area as you were when you first moved in and this will be reflected in the bid we make.

    Let us make you an offer

    With all this information in mind, there is no denying the fact that a direct sale is an avenue worth exploring. In addition to all the time and money benefits, you get to enjoy a super simple and convenient application process. There is also the fact that the power is completely in your hands. After we make our offer you can take as much time as you need to deliberate whether it is a few hours or a few weeks. Once you decide that you need to sell your house, contact us and see what we have to offer for your Converse, TX house. And if you like it you will have spared yourself a lot of time and trouble.

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    James Vasquez

    James is the owner of Cyber Homes, a leading cash home buying company in the U.S. He primary buys and resells single family residential homes. James has purchased, fixed/renovated, and flipped over 100 houses in the 10 years of his real estate career. Helping homeowners out of difficult situations while providing for his family, is a gift from God.

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